Laser cutting

Flatbed and tube-lasering

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a processing technique that is often used when extreme precision is required. In the food industry premium quality is required almost always. At SNL Machine Construction we take account of that requirement. Thus laser cutting is a technique that is frequently applied.

Laser cutting machines can be used for various applications. At SNL Machine Construction we deploy our laser cutters to cut Inox sheets into the desired shape. Using a laser cutting machine for this ensures a sleek end result. Furthermore, these machines make it easy to cut complex shapes from the sheet.

As we are a specialist in laser cutting of sheet, duct and sleeve products, you can contact SNL Machine Construction for large as well as small series.

Tube-laser cutting

In machine construction pipes and profiles are used frequently. Our tube-laser cutting machine provides us with additional possibilities. Shapes that could not be created previously can easily be realised with the tube-laser. Besides, the tube-laser is extremely precise and very fast.

From simple to very advanced operations: our 3D tube-laser is always at your service. The tiltable head of our tube-laser ensures even greater flexibility.

We cut pipes and profiles into any desired shape by use of the tube-laser machine. Where previously we needed to saw, drill and mill to get the desired shape, now this is done rapidly by the tube-laser.

Flatbed laser cutting

The great advantage of laser cutting is the sleek end result. Performing flatbed laser cutting, we can expect straight and burr-free cuts. In addition, this is also a very accurate way of laser cutting, in which also free contours can be created. That significant freedom of form is one of the most important reasons that laser cutting is so popular.

Staff at SNL Machine Construction are specialised in working with laser cutting machines. They are quite aware that Inox requires a specific approach for a perfect end result. After the laser cutting, the sheet metal is ready for further processing. Other departments at SNL Machine Construction will ensure that the laser pieces are welded, milled or perched just as accurately.

About laser cutting

Laser cutting is only possible when the designated machines are being used. Often they are complex and contain modern techniques. At SNL Machine Construction we have a modern machine park. We are convinced that we can produce better and more efficiently for our customers by investing in modern technology. Therefore, we always keep our machinery up-to-date. The modern machines are more accurate, but also have several other clear advantages:

  • As multiple programmes can be loaded, laser cutting can be done without much human effort being required.
  • Drawings can be loaded digitally, which makes smart testing possible, while the residual material is reduced to a minimum.

SNL Machine Construction

At SNL Machine Construction we do our utmost to relieve our customers to a maximum. As a supplier, we can take over operations like laser cutting, allowing our customers to spend time on other matters. We use short lines, as a result of which we can work efficiently. In addition to laser cutting we also perform numerous other operations. Due to the fact that we ensure all these operations in-house, we keep control on the quality, lead time and costs of our products.