The history of SNL

How it all started

The history of SNL

Four branches, more than one hundred employees, an extensive machine park and two companies that are all strong partners in metal. Who could have thought that SNL Group would look like this today? Of course we are proud at where we stand, but also we know how, over the years, SNL Group grew into the company that it is today. The history of SNL goes back more than forty years!

Technical Office Smits

Technical Office Smits was founded by Ard Smits’ father. The metal working company established in Schijndel and carried out many an assignment. At the age of 25, Frans Lammers started his own enterprise in the metal industry, also in Schijndel. Together they carried out different projects, until in 1998 they merged into a single company: Smits and Lammers Machine construction.


Ard and Frans quickly gained fame as the two guys who can fix anything in the area of machine construction. At the age of six, Ard would already be keen to work in the shed, at the lathe and Frans could practically weld before he was able to ride a bicycle.

Smits en Lammers is growing

During the first years of Smits and Lammers Machine construction, Ard and Frans were mainly occupied as suppliers of metal products for internal transport systems, lift systems and sorting systems. In 2001, a second Smits & Lammers Metal industry was founded. With increasingly more experience at hand, customers were being supported more and more.

Developments within SNL Group

As from 2010, Smits & Lammers Metal industry grew rapidly. In that year, the two companies of Smits & Lammers Metal technique merged under the name SNL Metal and Hurenkamp Metal was taken over. From then Hurenkamp Metal would be called AMS, a supplier of metal products. In 2011, LWM Laser service was started as a contract cutter. In the same year a building was bought at Madame Curieweg 4. This is where a new company started, under the name SNL Systems. They put the focus on the construction of complete systems. In 2015-2016 a second LWM Laser service branch opened its doors in Wijchen, while SNL Systems split into SNL Systems and SNL Metal.

During the years after a lot of attention was given to the conversion of three supply companies into one team with one clear task: SNL Machine construction.

The companies of SNL today

After 2018, different SNL companies have started working together more intensively. As a result, SNL now consists of two companies: SNL Machine Construction and SNL Metal. SNL Machine Construction is a one-stop-shop manufacturing the complete engineering, production and assembly of systems, modules and components for international machine constructioners (Original Equipment Manufacturers). SNL Metal (established in Wijchen) focuses on high-quality supply of metal.

Everything in-house

Meanwhile, SNL has become a partner for the most diverse metal solutions, where everything is available in-house. From the first plan to engineering, production, testing, installation and finally maintenance and service.