About SNL

Combined strength in the metal industry

About SNL

SNL stands for combined strength in the metal industry. We supply metal and machine construction solutions: from parts and components to customised systems, engineering, electrical technology and service.

Whether it concerns extensive serial production or special machine construction, SNL offers the optimal solution for any issue. At SNL the forces of different metal companies are merged. So you can contact us with confidence to have the entire process taken care of: from advice and (pre-) engineering up to commissioning and aftercare. But also when you need the expertise of one of our companies, we will be happy to serve you!

Our own quality guarantee ensures the certainty of process continuity.

Concentrating on a specialism

At SNL we believe in doing what you’re good at. That is why the companies within our group each have their own specialism. From laser cutting and tube welding at SNL Metal to the creative engineers at SNL Machine construction: always with the rapid service that you know SNL for. Our companies concentrate on the activities that they specialise in. That way there won’t be any miscommunication, while we will be able to safeguard the utmost quality for you at any level.

At the same time we, at SNL, make full use of the strength of our collaboration. We use short lines, enabling us to work very efficiently and reduce error rates to a minimum. As we can implement the entire process for you in-house, we keep control on quality, lead times and costs. All our products are produced and assembled in the Netherlands.

Our divisions and companies

SNL has three divisions, each with their own specialism:

SNL consists of two operating companies that operate autonomously as well as complimentary and strategically. This structure enables to us work extremely efficiently, while ensuring a shorter delivery time, thanks to direct lines within the organisation, and also we safeguard the SNL Quality Guarantee throughout the process.