Technical support

We are ready when you need us

Technical support

Continuous, hassle-free production. That is what you want. And nothing should interfere.

Unfortunately, problems cannot always be prevented, for instance, malfunctions, absent staff or necessary repairs. Then it is good to know that there is a party that will professionally solve all your problems in no-time and is ready to help whenever necessary. Nice to meet you: we are the Technical Service & Support Department of SNL Machine Construction.

Contact us for:

  • Technical support
  • Supporting technical services
  • Secondment/posting
  • Project support/management
  • Service
  • (Urgent)repairs
  • Parts
  • Maintenance
  • Assembly
  • Engineering
  • Modifications

Our years of practical experience and our solid mechanical (and electrical) expertise have made us what we are today: your flexible shell for technical support and service. We know like no other what needs to be made and how it should be made.

SNL Machine Construction

SNL Machine Construction is a one-stop-shop that performs the detail engineering, production and assembly of modules and components for international machine constructioners (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We do this for any desired level of completion. Yet, the real process starts after completion. A smoothly running production is essential. Professional service and support in case your production no longer runs smoothly, is therefore also of the utmost importance.

From materials to people

Service can be found in all types and sizes, but at SNL Machine Construction we take things a bit further.

We will do our utmost to help you the best way possible. After all, it is for a reason that you ask for help, this is preceded by a serious need. Whether this is a need for materials, staff, advice or maintenance, one telephone call will suffice. We are ready to fulfil that need as best as we can. Also on-site, should you wish so.

Flexible service package

Of course, it is always in consultation with you that we determine how we can help you as effectively as possible and using which resources we believe to realise that the best way. This is how we keep your process running. Purposeful, relieving you of any worries. Needless to say that our flexible service package covers the entire spectrum of possible service tasks.

Support at the right time

SNL Technical Support will support your own technical service when necessary. We have a sufficient number of professional experts available. Experts who all know what to do and can also be of assistance as a temp or as a seconded employee. In fact, the bottom line is that actually you no longer require a technical service of your own, because generally, most of the time technical staff is inactive and will only be deployed at times when they are needed. Hiring the experts of SNL Technical Support will, as such, save you a lot of costs. Finally, we would like to point out that SNL Technical Support also has the knowhow and staff to support your projects.

The Technical Support department is known to be flexible, competent and also reliable.

Why choose SNL Technical Support?

  • Complete service package.
  • All under one roof.
  • Charging costs only when necessary.
  • Vast in-house practical knowledge, expert knowledge and knowhow.
  • Direct and short communication lines.
  • No-nonsense. You demand, we produce.