From flat sheet to cylinder

Rolling at SNL Metal

Transforming a flat sheet into a cylinder shape? No problem for our roller. This transformation technique can bend Inox in a blink of an eye. The purposes of rolling are diverse, from silos to boilers.

At SNL Metal we ensure that each product has the highest quality. This is also our approach regarding rolling of Inox. Our production includes rolling by use of modern equipment.

What is rolling?

Using a so-called roller drum, a flat sheet is led through rotating rolls. These roller drums exert pressure on the sheet, as a result of which the material will bend.

Rolling at SNL Metal

The possibility of rolling is dependent on different factors. These could be the thickness and width of the sheet, but also the material. At SNL Metal, we work with Inox. We are also capable of cutting and welding steel-rolled products in-house, if necessary.