Relieving from beginning to end

One-stop-shopping according to SNL

Metal and machine construction solutions of the highest quality. That is what we, at SNL, are committed to, day in day out. With more than 100 professionals we continuously work on the greatest metal products for the food- and non-food industry.

At SNL we relieve the customer all the way

SNL is a supplier of metal products for food and non-food industry. As a one-stop-shop we produce, for instance, internal transport systems, lift systems and sorting systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Over the years, SNL has become a company that is able to provide the entire process. So, at SNL we relieve the customer throughout the process. We have the right professionals for each discipline within this process to realise your project.

This means that we are involved from the initial plan and the engineering up to the production and the maintenance. And although we carry out each assignment swiftly, smartly and focused, we always bear in mind the quality. Quality is our top priority. For that reason we have incorporated in-house developed quality checks in every phase.

SNL is the adequate partner for all kinds of solution with regard to metal. We like to make it easy on our clients as a one-stop-shop: one supplier for all required products and services. SNL consists of multiple operating companies, each with their own specialism.

Thus, up to the moment of completion, our customers needn’t pay attention to their order. By combining the strengths of our companies, we can serve any client at the desired level. From serial sheeting, welding, machining and assembly up to customer-specific customisation for machine construction.

At SNL we perform all kinds of metal operation in-house. Are you curious about the possibilities? Find out here which operations can be done by our specialists.

What is one stop shopping in the world of metal?

One point of contact and one supplier for everything you need. That is highly convenient. That is why we, at SNL, try to be the most complete partner in the area of metal. One stop shopping offers customers a lot of comfort and certainty. By putting everything in the hands of a single party, you can benefit from maximum relieve. At SNL this means that we can help you throughout the process. From support in coming up with the best solution and the engineering up to the qualitatively expert processing and assembly of metal.

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