Metal supply

SNL Division: supply of metal

At SNL we specialise in the processing of metal. From premium serial production to single pieces in Inox and steel: at SNL you will find professionals in terms of sheet metal and profiles.

Are you looking for a supplier in the production of complete composites made of sheeting and profiles in Inox and steel? Then SNL could be your advising, supporting and service-minded partner.

A supportive supplier

SNL provides serial production as well as single products in sheeting and construction. But, at SNL we like to go the extra mile. Not only are we a supplier, we will also support you.

Perhaps you have an engineering department of your own, but not the proper production facilities. At SNL, we have specialists in the area of tube lasering, laser welding, robot welding and bending. Also conversion of Stepfiles (3D) into working drawings-sheeting to us is a piece of cake.


  • Mono work/production drawings
  • Work preparation
  • Flatbed- and tube lasering
  • CNC bending
  • Rolling
  • Robot welding
  • Sawing. drilling, tapping, flow-drilling
  • Deburring by use of machines
  • Reworking operations, such as blasting, barrel finishing, steel ball polishing, hot-dip galvanising, coating, etc.
  • Lathe turning and milling
  • Assembly

Our services

The companies of SNL obviously have a modern machine park. Our colleagues comply with the applicable certification and qualifications and are familiar with the high-level requirements set by the food industry.

SNL is the adequate partner for successful realisation of your sheeting, profiles and constructions. We have all the disciplines and knowledge in the area of metal processing.

Quality in supply of metal

Quality, optimal deployability, delivery reliability, process continuity and return: supply in metal is an art in itself. At SNL Groep it is all about collaboration in terms of projects and in terms of efficiency for you. With combined knowledge and skill.

At SNL everything can be found under one roof, allowing us to optimally serve you. Complete, fast, highly qualitative and at competitive prices. Small or large, singular or series, your order is in capable hands. This makes us the one strong one-stop solution in supply for you.Onderkant formulier


If you frequently require large series or repeatable parts, you will be looking for a party that can produce these for you swiftly, efficiently and at low costs. SNL Metal supplies premium parts and components made of Inox and steel. Quick delivery times, quality and efficiency are key. SNL Metal can serve you with sheet and construction work, frame construction, combination work and sub-assembly. We have high-level automated processes, enabling us to produce repeatable products and large series for you low-labour.