How SNL adapts corporate social responsibility


As a family-run company, at SNL we are strongly involved with our living and working environment. We are aware that a company is always dependent on its people and environment in order to continue to exist. SNL too.

So, for SNL it is obvious to contribute to a durable development of the company. We do this by finding the balance in people, living environment and result.

To SNL, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an obvious part of the total operational management. This means that our people include CSR aspects in their decision-making with regard to organisational, process-based and technical matters and judgments.

Our vision on CSR can be subdivided into three aspects:

Our employees

SNL is a family-run company where people are key. After all, our employees are the stimulus of the company. SNL deems it important to offer the employees a workplace where they can work pleasantly, in a safe and clean environment, being enabled to develop further.

The society

SNL is a company that has Dutch manufacturing in its DNA. For that reason, we wish to make a contribution to the employment in the Netherlands. SNL is at the heart of society, the reason for which we are socially involved in a number of ways. For instance by closely cooperating with educational institutions and by supporting charities.

Our production processes

Our operational management is aligned with the continuous improvement and innovation of products and production processes. We do this by working together closely with the customer. The wish for continuous improvement is commonplace in our operational management and the way that our people think. The reduction of impact on the environment is given constant attention within our operational management.