Module supplier

From drawing up to assembly

A supplier who thinks along

Over the last few decades, SNL Machine Construction has developed into a fully-fledged partner for our clients. Often, our clients are leaders in the food-industry. Thanks to sales successes, they were facing capacity issues and needed to invest more time into their product development, after sales and marketing.

As a result, they specifically needed a supplier who was prepared to develop with them and invest in a long-term relationship, in which trust plays a crucial role.

From drawing up to assembly

Due to our customers’ request to jointly invest in production capacity and knowledge, SNL Machine Construction has developed into a partner that is able to implement the entire process of the machines. From drawing up to assembly. Collaboration with SNL Machine Construction allows our clients to fully focus on the development and marketing of the machines, not needing to spend time on the production and everything surrounding it.

SNL Machine Construction works closely togetherwith the client and ensures the entire production of the machines, including quality control and assembly. This collaboration leads to a win-win-win situation. Our growth makes it possible to offer our clients something they could never have been able to realise themselves without compromising in other areas.

Your benefits

  • More focus on product development and marketing
  • No investments in production lines
  • Minimum stock levels
  • Flexibility in production-numbers
  • Fewer logistic actions
  • Fewer staff
  • Profiting from our expertise
  • High quality standards

Would you like to discuss things with us?

Is your situation similar to that of our clients? We will be happy to personally discuss your project and answer your questions. After this personal meeting, we will proudly show you around our production halls so that we can convince you of our strength, capacity and quality. Of course, these discussions will be confidential and safeguarded by means of a non-disclosure agreement. Our sales-engineers will be happy to answer any questions. Contact us today.