At SNL we believe in doing what you are good at


SNL stands for combined strength in the metal industry. We supply metal and machine construction solutions: from parts and components to customised systems, (pre-) engineering, electrical technology and service. Whether it concerns extensive serial production or special-machine construction, SNL offers the optimal solution for any issue.

Doing what we are good atMaximum relief
At SNL we believe in doing what we are good at. That is why the companies within our group each have their own specialism. From premium sheet and construction work at AMS Metal and sheet, tube, and sleeve product cutting at SNL Metal to the detail engineering, production and assembly of systems, modules and components at SNL Machine construction. Each of us concentrates on his specialty. That way, there won’t be any miscommunication and we can safeguard the highest quality for you, at any level.At SNL we wish to take all our customers’ worries away. We do this by combining the strength of our companies as much as possible. We use short lines, allowing us to work very efficiently, while reducing the error rates to a minimum. As we take care of the entire process for you in-house, we keep control of quality, lead times and costs. All our products are produced and assembled in the Netherlands.

Why customers choose SNL:

  • One stop shop
  • One address, one point of contact
  • Service and support
  • A deal is a deal
  • Unconditional quality
  • Delivery reliability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short lines, fast switching
  • Own additional internal quality operation: SNL Quality Guarantee

The SNL companies

At SNL, we support you throughout the process: from advice and (pre-)engineering up to and including commissioning and aftercare. Also when you need the expertise of one of our companies, we will of course be glad to serve you! SNL has two operating companies that operate autonomously as well as cooperatively. This allows us to work efficiently and ensure short delivery times, thanks to the direct lines.

  • SNL Machine Construction: the one stop shop for the detail engineering, production and assembly of systems, modules and components. The added value of SNL Machine Construction allows Original Equipment Manufacturers once again to concentrate on their marketing, sales, engineering, service and the commissioning of machines.
  • SNL Metal: at SNL Metal, short delivery times, quality and efficiency are central. This is the place to go for sheet- and construction work, machining operations, different welding processes and different ways of finishing. SNL Metal is also the ideal partner for the processing of Inox, steel and aluminium. This is where they specialise in cutting sheet, tube, and sleeve products. The laser and sheet work is high quality, but is also delivered quickly, at a competitive price.