Steel ball polishing

A great gloss in no time

Steel ball polishing

Steel ball polishing is a post treatment that is gaining popularity. Steel ball polishing is a quick way to provide surfaces made of aluminium or Inox with a nice gloss. The steel ball polishing machine, filled with Inox balls, uses water and a special compound.

As material will become glossy after the steel ball polishing, this is the perfect treatment for surface parts (that will be seen). With the Walther Trowal TFM, we can carry out steel ball polishing using the previously mentioned Inox balls. This treatment ensures a beautiful and glossy surface. In addition to the great gloss, steel ball polishing also ensures a surface compaction, which increases the corrosion-resistance. The surface will become denser as well as harder.


Steel ball polishing is used for different parts. For instance stainless steel parts for machines from the food industry or medical equipment.