Mechanically and electrically

Assembly at SNL Machine Construction

At SNL Machine Construction, we relieve our customers as much as possible. By using short lines, we can work efficiently and reduce errors to a minimum. Using these short lines is only possible because we, at SNL Machine Construction, tend to everything in-house. As such, everything is produced and assembled in the Netherlands. So, for mechanical and electrical assembly you can simply turn to us.

For many Original Equipment Manufacturers, SNL Machine Construction is a partner who can perform the entire machine process. From drawing up to assembly.

Mechanical assembly

Our mechanical assembly engineers professionally construct machines and systems on the basis of drawings and plans. Meticulous work is unquestionably required here! In our spotless assembly area all processed parts are assembled into the required level of completion. This ranges from semi-finished products up to a completely finished assembly.

Electrical assembly

Professional mounting of parts and the subsequent assembly into a perfect unity is no issue for the SNL Machine Construction staff. We can also carry out electrical assembly for you.