About SNL Metal

Total supplier for the metal industry

Fast, qualitative and efficient, at low costs

As a total supplier, we, at SNL Metal, meet all the requirements of our customers. Therefore, our laser work and construction work is all produced in accordance with the same guidelines. Produced efficiently, delivered quickly, an end product of premium quality and still at an attractive price. At SNL Metal we will do our utmost for you in terms of laser work. Whether it is loose parts, single projects, complete compositions or large series: our experts will be happy to serve you.

At SNL Metal, we can take care of your laser work, construction work, frame construction and sub-assemblies. We have a high level of automated work. Our modern machine park enables us to perform the different operations. At SNL Metal everything is situated under one roof, allowing us to optimally serve you. Complete, quick, high-quality and at a competitive price. Small or large, singular or serial, we will take proper care of your order. This makes us the great one-stop-shop in supplies for you.

All in-house for an efficient production process

At SNL Metal we perform the entire process within our company. Having everything in-house, makes us a lot more flexible, while being able always to fully control the quality of our work. All operations of SNL Metal meet the set quality standards. We believe that a premium end result starts with the quality of the machine park and the know-how of our professionals. Therefore, at SNL Metal we put a lot of effort in our machine park and trainings. In order to be able to work quickly and efficiently, after all it is important to have sufficient material in stock. We always make sure that we have sufficient raw materials in stock. This way we are able to serve you, even in case of urgent orders.

Supplier of metal

Quality, optimal deployability, delivery reliability, process-continuity and return: metal supply is an art in itself. Obviously, you will expect a supplier to deliver a great end product at a competitive price. At SNL Metal we also support this. Still we do not believe that this is all that counts. We like to go the extra mile, in order to be able to serve you in detail engineering, installation and extensive testing of products. Although we have a high level of automated – and thus low-labour – production, we do combine knowledge and skills in terms of metal. We believe that, as such, we can produce returns for our customers. Our pick-up and delivery service makes our service provision complete.

Looking for a suitable total supplier?

Then SNL Metal is the right partner for you. We will gladly serve you. We have all the disciplines and knowledge to be able to assist you with different work activities.