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However carefully we work, processing metal always includes the risk of burrs. As such, deburring is inevitable in order to ensure a proper end result. At SNL Machine Construction we make use of machines for the deburring process. Removing all the burrs does not only make the end result neater, but it is also safer during assembly and in terms of end usage.

At SNL Machine Construction we can easily remove this unpleasant side effect of metal processing, by use of our modern machines.

What is deburring?

  • Laser cutting causes slight roughness at the edges of the metal.
  • Deburring is the removal of roughness on metal, that was caused by metal processing.
  • At SNL Machine Construction, we can dispose of deburring machines. These machines grind all sharp edges and remove any roughness.

At SNL Machine Construction we choose to deburr by use of machines because of the neat and safe result. In order to reach that quality, not only knowledge, but also a modern machine is required. Therefore, we choose to make use of the renowned Timesavers machines.

The experts who operate these deburring machines, have adequate knowledge and skills to be able to offer customers the best quality.

Deburring by use of Timesavers

So, at SNL Machine Construction we use Timesavers deburring machines. These machines ensure that all products can be made manageable. Any roughness on the Inox will be removed. About the Timesavers:

"The Timesavers machines deburr by means of a brush system in which multiple brushes operate in contrasting directions. This way, sharp edges and roughness are polished away. This is to the benefit of the appearance of the metal, but also contributes to the safety and functionality. In addition, after deburring, it is possible to make further adjustments to the product, for instance the application of a powder coating."