Machine construction

SNL Division: Machine Construction

Over the years, SNL has grown into a partner that is capable of performing the entire machine construction process. From drawing up to assembly. Often, SNL enters into long-term collaboration with clients, enabling those clients to focus on the development and marketing of machines.

For many Original Equipment Manufacturers, SNL Machine Construction is a partner that is able to perform the entire process of the machines. From drawing up to assembly. Contact our machine construction specialists.


The process of engineering, product development and re-design at SNL starts with the question: “What does our customer want?”. That is the first and foremost question we asked before setting off. At SNL, we always create customised systems that make the production process of our customer more efficient, faster or more profitable. In order to achieve that, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. However, it is not necessary to come up with a ready-made plan, we will be happy to develop it together with you.

The trajectory

In the preparatory phase, we will involve as many parties and disciplines in the project as possible. Sales, work preparation, procurement, electrics, installation, service and especially the customer. With this team we combine the knowledge to come up with a good design that meets all your requirements.

Many of our customised systems are used for internal transport. From items packed in boxes to loose foodstuffs, every day numerous products are moved across conveyor belts. Of course, this process should run smoothly. SNL is the right place for the development of a completely customised transport system that works just as it should.

Machine and modular construction

Can it be done better? Can it be done smarter? These are the initial questions we ask ourselves as soon as we start working on an order for machine and/or modular construction. By choosing modular construction you save yourself from purchasing small series of mechatronics products. These mechatronics products are often used for sub-assembly of a machine part. Therefore it is easier to choose a completely compiled module.

All-round machine construction

You can contact SNL for all-round machine construction. We can dispose of everything necessary; from advising and engineering to the production and installation of component systems and complete transport systems. Our SNL employees will always happily assist you with the production of sub-assembly. You can contact us, not only when you need a complete machine, but we are also the right partner for smaller orders. We know like no one else that qualitatively great parts significantly add to the ultimate result. Our sub-assemblies always comply with the highest requirements. At SNL, the focus is on Inox. After all those years, we can call ourselves a specialist in the processing of this material. Our expertise allows us to effortlessly provide sheet material, parts, components, semi-finished products, frames, machine and modular construction.

Assemblage en montage

Your demands, specifications and quality standards, in combination with our engineering and advise, form the starting point for the realisation of transport systems. SNL has a huge assembly and testing area. So, you can reach out to us for both small and large projects.

We supply machines and modules turn-key and prefer to be involved with each project from A to Z. In particular, because here we can and may see to everything that is necessary, so we can guarantee the highest feasible quality. Of course we will be happy to assist you in devising the best solution if you have a budgetary framework.

For all questions regarding machine construction
Just imagine; a partner that you can ask anything in relation to machine construction, without a third party interfering. This ensures that we can complete every order quickly, properly, and fully tested. Our engineers convert each demand into a perfectly suitable solution. From component systems to complete transport systems, from prototype to large series: SNL develops and produces it all. In this case, your production process is leading.Our system solutions are intended to make your production line run more efficiently, more profitable and also faster. That is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to our own lead time, costs and complexity. At SNL we know how important the quality of our product is for the smoothness of your production process. Furthermore, all our products are produced and assembled in the Netherlands. Even more, everything is manufactured by our own sister companies within SNL.