Flatbed laser cutting

Specialist in the cutting of Inox, steel and aluminium

Flatbed laser cutting

SNL Metal is a specialist in the customised cutting of Inox, steel and aluminium sheets. SNL Metal is characterised by automated and low-labour processes. This makes SNL Metal the perfect partner for, for instance, serial work and urgent orders at a favourable price, but that does not imply that this is where the possibilities end.

Since we are not dependent in any way on others regarding our production process, we have full control of delivery times, costs and quality. As such, we can always offer a suitable solution to your laser cutting issue.

The advantages of flatbed laser cutting

You are probably familiar with the advantages of laser cutting. The straight burr-free cut, the accuracy, the free contours that can be created, the quick switching to another product, the minimal heat influence…they all contribute to the sleek end result that is provided by laser cutting. Due to the great freedom of form, it has been a popular processing method for years. At SNL Metal, we distinguish ourselves, for instance by being able to handle large size sheeting. Steel and Inox-sheets are cut at a thickness of maximum 20 mm and aluminium sheets at a thickness of maximum 6 mm.

Different materials, different methods

Each of the SNL Metal employees is a specialist in the area of laser cutting. Thus, they know like no one else that every material requires specific treatment. For instance, during the laser cutting of steel, they use oxygen as a protective gas and nitrogen for products to be powder-coated. Stainless steel requires a different approach. In order to get a fine cut, Inox is cut using nitrogen, while afterwards deburring takes place manually or by use of a machine. At SNL Metal, every material is given the attention it deserves for the best end result.