Deburring by use of machines

Same quality for each sheet and evenly deburred.

Deburring by use of machines

However meticulously one works during the processing of sheeting; regarding thermal operations one cannot avoid burrs. A product with burrs is often difficult to use and hard to install and additionally this causes problems with the implementation of other operations. In short: the burrs must be removed. Fortunately this unpleasant side effect can easily be resolved at SNL Metal.

The advantages of deburring by use of machines

By deburring sheeting by use of machines, each sheet will have the same quality and will also be evenly deburred. This is especially important for further processing or installation. Also it saves a lot of time compared to manual deburring.

Deburring by use of machines at SNL Metal

To achieve the best result, SNL has even two machines for machine deburring:

  • The Timesavers deburring machine that we process your products on and which has a spin with 8 large rotating brushes.
  • Neat, even rounding.
  • All holes and openings are deburred in one go.
  • Proper coverage for surface treatments.
  • Safe: No chance of cuts when removing sharp edges.