Profile laser cutting

we customise laser cutting of sheet tube and sleeve products

Profile laser cutting

Nothing is as important for the processing of metal as perfect quality and quick delivery. Our extensive machine park allows us, at SNL Metal, to achieve this. In comparison with other thermal cutting processes, laser cutting is much more precise and flexible. This makes laser cutting an ideal way of processing for different material thicknesses and various shapes.

You can contact us for customised laser cutting of sheet tube and sleeve products. As a result of the extremely narrow cutting width and minimal deformation this way of cutting is being chosen increasingly more often. As laser cutting is so precise, treatments like polishing are usually not required. Our professional laser operators know exactly what to do to achieve an optimal result.

Economic alternative

An economic alternative for both large and small series for the construction of tubes and sleeves, is tube lasering. As a specialist in the area of laser processing, SNL Metal obviously needs a tube laser. This is applied from 12mmØ up to 220 mmØ and 200 mm square. Our modern machine park enables us to produce low-labour and to offer our customers also the best tube laser cutting quality at a good price. Will you soon get convinced by the numerous advantages that tube laser cutting has to offer?

The advantages of tube laser cutting

The tube laser offers possibilities that previously couldn’t be realised. In particular, the extreme accuracy of tube laser cutting is regarded as the great advantage of this type of processing, by many people. Using a tube laser, cuts can be made to the nearest 0.1 mm! Whether it concerns simple operations like cutting off or more advanced operations like the lasering of patterns; everything is possible. Additionally, the cutting speed of a tube laser is extremely high, meaning you will have your product delivered in no time.

Tube laser cutting at SNL Metal

One of the conditions for a good tube laser cutting machine should really be fantastic flexibility. Therefore, at SNL Metal we deliberately opted for the Adige LT8 3D tube laser. The tiltable head makes 3D-cutting of all parts possible, from open to special profiles. The automatic and ingenious loading and unloading system ensures excellent productivity.

Furthermore, this machine is capable of making the right choice for every production phase but, if desired, our experts can always adjust the settings manually. From large series to small specific orders: SNL Metal is the suitable partner to turn to for all your tube laser cutting orders.


The quality of the end product and achieving the desired delivery times already starts at the first operation, which in this case is the laser cutting. Having the right expertise and machines at our disposal, our strength is mainly high quality serial production with a short delivery time. At SNL Metal we always have sufficient metal sheets in stock, of different qualities and models of steel and stainless steel. Apart from being specialised in repetitive series at SNL Metal, we are also able to realise a low cost price when producing small series.